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"I had intrusive and vivid memories about my husband when he was ill, he died at age 45 and it was traumatic. 
Leanne was knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and professional. I felt able to talk openly and the work she did with me has changed how I feel and given me more understanding and coping mechanisms."

CBT Client


“I was nervous before going to counselling but I had a lot of hard things happen in life and decided I needed to do something as I was miserable all the time and it was affecting the people around me. Leanne was welcoming and non-judgemental from the start, she got me talking and things I’d never spoken about before come out. She gave me tools to cope and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Counselling Client


“Leanne made the course interesting and relatable. She was very engaging and shared a lot of information but also gave us references on where we could find more information on specific topics. She encouraged us to share what we were comfortable with. The importance and seriousness of the content was made more accessible by the trainer. The activities were interactive.”

Mental Health First Aid (Adult Course - Norwich)


“Leanne was an exceptional instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share in a very confident, compassionate and inclusive way. I work with individuals and this really refreshed my thinking of similarities and differences of working with younger people. Great materials and resources used too.”

Mental Health First Aid (Youth Course - Chelmsford)

What My Clients Say: Testimonials
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